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Haian Company

Shanghai Sandman Foundry Haian limited company (hereinafter referred to as “Haian Company” ) located in Haian county Nantong city Jiangsu province. Haian is a important transportation junction to connect the east coastline and other areas. There are two highway(G15,S28),three national road (G204,G328,G228) and three railways cross the city, it takes 2 hours range of driving from Shanghai to Haian. Haian is also known for its education and fabrication, in 2014 is haian 32 in middle&small cities comprehensive ranking, and also ranks 11 in the 100 most potential middle&small cites in China.


The total investment of Haian company is around 1.22 billion, within 6 planed casting line and the capacity of 170.3 thousand tone pre year. The whole project is planed in three steps and will be finished in 2020.


The policy of Shanghai sandman foundry Haian limited company:

The bond connection of automation, informatization initialization and environment protection, build the late-model factory.

Human based, enhance the principle of lean production.

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